smartflower – solar energy made attractive

An Attractive Solar Alternative

The smartflower provides you with your own power generation with the worlds first self-contained solar system. This revolution on the solar energy market combines cutting edge technology with increased efficiency over conventional solar in an elegant design.

Advanced Features by Design

The smartflower combines several smart features into one sophisticated package making it nearly effortless to own.
Follows The Sun

Smart- Tracking: The solar petals move horizontally and vertically along the suns' position, even when it’s cloudy. This guarantees optimum alignment with the sun during the entire course of the day, resulting in (up to 40%) more efficiency.

Clean Panels

Smart-Cleaning: The smartflower easily rids itself of most debris each time it folds and unfolds utilizing the anti-microbial brushes behind each petal. Thus, energy production efficiency is improved (up to 5%) due to minimized buildup of debris.


Smart-Use: The smartflower is delivered in a self-contained complete system that will be firmly bolted to the ground (or concrete foundation) at the location of your choice. It is designed for maximum performance, ease of use and reliably provides electricity all day.

Petals Stay Cooler

Smart-Cooling: Hot solar panels deliver less electricity than cool solar panels. The rear-ventilated design of the smartflower solar petals allow the ease of airflow. This results in up to 68°F cooler petals, delivering (up to 10%) more output compared to rooftop systems.


Smart-Safety: In winds 29 mph+ the smartflower solar petals automatically move to a horizontal position. At 39 mph+, the solar petals will completely fold down.  In calm winds the smartflower will re-open to its optimum electricity producing tracking position.


Smart-Mobility: Conventional solar systems are impractical to move.  The smartflower is a self-contained unit with wiring, panels, inverter, tracking mechanism, and mounting, all integrated into a single unit. Remove 4 bolts and one cable and it is ready to be moved!




The walls between art and engineering exists only in our minds.

-Theo Jansen

Installation Locations:

The smartflower can be used as a beautiful solar addition to your home or for businesses that are committed to a better future.
Your Home

Make a statement in your yard with a magnificent piece of living art that is unique, stunning, easy to maintain and energy producing. Plus if you move take it with you!


Your Office

Add beauty and function to your solar needs and if needed generate LEED points. The smartflower is the perfect addition to complement your existing solar.

Your Retail Space

Show your green conscious consumer that your business is minimizing its carbon footprint with solar integration that can be beautifully seen.


Alternative Uses:

In addition to the smartflower being an elegant photovoltaic system that produces clean energy, the smartflower has a few other green perks.
EV Charging

Thanks to the easy integration of an external EV charging station, your employees or patrons can charge their electric vehicles. It is perfect for hotels, restaurants, shopping centers, businesses, and more. Grid integration is required.


Billboard Advertisment

Your "Green Billboard" is smartflower!  Customize the base to promote your message.   At night, reflect your logo on the petals for all to see. Integrate a flat screen and now you have a free-standing educational kiosk that can earn LEED credits.

Kinetic Art

The smartflower merges kinetic technology into a beautiful piece of art.  You can be proud to show off the smartflower to your green conscious consumer.  This demonstrates your business is minimizing its carbon footprint with solar integration that can be beautifully seen.



Sustainable ways of thinking and being proactive are the elementary supporting pillars of the smartflower philosophy. Manufacturing takes place in Austria using high quality materials so that each smartflower produces electricity to support our 25-year module performance guarantee.

With smartflower we want to tell the world that photovoltaic systems can be completely simple, efficient and above all, designed to an elegant perfection.

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