Hail test for the weather resistant smartflower solar system

Hail test for the weather resistant smartflower solar system.

Some people have asked if the smartflower can withstand harsh weather like hail storms. Well, check out the video below to find out!

In the video, the petals are anchored to a wall. Then hail ice is placed inside a cylinder like gun. The hail ice is shot at a speed of 51 miles per hour at various spots of the petals including the weaker points between the cells. The panel essentially shakes the attack off.

hail test smartflower petals

Harsh weather can be endured by the smartflower.

In heavy rain, the smartflower gets cleaned. In heavy winds, the smart flower will close itself. Through heavy hail, the smartflower does not break. Sun feeds the smartflower power. It contains bristles on the edges of its petals to clean itself when it opens and closes. The device contains passive rear-ventilated solar panels which keeps it cooler. During daytime or nighttime, the flower remains very smart. A smart device that can handle all kinds of weather. Some people ask if it can withstand the cold. Fortunately, the device was originally built in Austria which is a pretty cold area. So it is very likely. No one has yet asked if it can withstand lava.

If you have any specific weather conditions you are curious about the smartflower surviving…

We’d love to hear about them. We know that the world has a lot of different territories with all kinds of weather conditions. On top of all that, the weather is constantly changing especially due to pollutants and global warming. Which is why sustainable energy is so important. Help us improve the smartflower by giving us your feedback here!

If you have any additional questions regarding the durability of the smartflower, you are welcome to contact us here for more information.

smartflower goes viral in America! Check out some of these viral videos.

smartflower goes viral in America! Check out some of these viral videos.

viral tech insider smartflower image

Do you have an awesome viral video of the smartflower?

If you have a viral video featuring the smartflower, we’d love to see it! Be sure to send us a link of your featured video here!

While the featured videos in this article are awesome, they may leave you with a lot of questions. If you have any questions, be sure to check out our FAQS page here. You might find the answers you are looking for there. Of course, if the answer isn’t there you can always contact us here!.

viral smartflower video brand logo

Tech Insider featured a video on Facebook that almost has 2 million shares!

If you want to see the video for yourself you can view it here. The video features various information about the smartflower while displaying some of its beautiful physique from a variety of camera angles. For instance, it talks about how the smartflower is a smart solar panel system that follows the sun. The video also mentions that the solar power system produces more energy than the conventional rooftop solar panels because of its ability to follow the sun. Finally, the video features some of its weather resistant capabilities. The music is pretty fun and the video is a great share.

viral smartflower video brand logo

Mashable made a cute featured video on the smartflower.

This video didn’t get nearly as many shares as the Tech Insider counterpart. However, its still a great video. If you would like to view it, you can see it in this article here. Mashable presents the blooming solar system as the world’s first “intelligent energy plant.” The video shows off some of the features of the smartflower. It also shows a clip of smartflower founder Alexander Swatek giving a few comments on his creation. The smartflower is an all-in-one solar system that’s beautiful and durable.


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How to get a smartflower in North America or the Pacific.

How do I get a smartflower in North America or the Pacific region?

Here at Sun Energy, we primarily handle customers that want a smartflower in the Southern California region. However, we can assist you in your efforts of getting a smartflower anywhere in the world! Just contact us directly for more information in the Pacific and general North America regions.

  • You can contact us: here

smartflowersolar region website

smartflower solar’s website primarily focuses on the smartflower and smartflower plus.

The smartflower plus will be coming to America later in the year. There is some good information on their site, including their own blog on some background on their company.

smartflower Pacific’s primary mission is to help develop renewable energy in Hawaii and throughout the world.

Recently, the smartflower Pacific team was giving back by educating the students of the Tambo Elementary school, as seen below. They are active players at a variety of events hosted by the smartflower brand including the certified installation Training Day held at the Sun Energy headquarters in Irvine earlier this year.

smartflower pacific region education

On May 24-25th 2017, smartflower Pacific will be at “the solar show” in the Philipines at booth L05

smartflower pacific website

If you are in the Pacific and want a smartflower, definitely keep an eye on them.

Their website has a lot of good information on it, including info on the smartflower POP+ and smartflower POP-e.

Check out their site’s featured video below. Commentary by Van Yoshikawa.

If you have any other questions about the smartflower, you can contact us here. Our team is ready to help you get a smartflower.

How to install a smartflower

How to install a smartflower.

Awesome video from the main smartflower YouTube channel. It can be viewed below. If you would like to see more of their content you can visit their YouTube channel here.

Do you need a smartflower installation done near you?

Contact us here, if you want to install a smartflower near you. We have your installation covered with our certified Southern Californian smartflower installers.

installation smartflower cubed area required

First step is determining the active area.

A smartflower requires an area of approximately 16 feet cubed. This is the full span of the device when its petals are completely opened up at all angles. It is also important that no obstructions such as trees or decor should be within that area. An area will be measured out by a certified installer with a molded template. In addition to the determination of the area, the installer will ensure that the smartflower is mounted in alignment to the planet’s northern and southern hemispheres. This step ensures that the smartflower follows the correct trajectory of the sun.

installation smartflower screws

Second step in the featured video covers is how the screws are drilled in.

Four fixing points are marked by the certified installer. Next the ground screws are put into position. After that, a massive screw driver is used to drill in the screw. Finally, the smartflower is placed on the ground screws.

installation smartflower wind detector

Third step is setting up the wind gauge.

The wind gauge detects wind speeds. If the winds are too fast, the smartflower will close its petals to protect itself. A wire is then dug under the ground to connect the smartflower base to the wind detector. Data from the wind detector is transferred electronically through that wire to the smartflower as wind blows.

installation smartflower cubed wiring

Finally, the wiring and software initialization takes place.

Wiring is configured within the main control panel of the smartflower. It is fun to watch in the video. After the wiring is complete, the cover is placed back onto the base of the smartflower. Coordinates then have to be inputted into the solar system so it knows where its located on the planet.

Essentially, the video shows the whole process from start to finish on grass terrain. It can be installed on a variety of terrain, including slopes. However, in slope situations it will need some of kind of foundation created prior to screwing. This is necessary because the surface has to be leveled for the smartflower to function properly.

If you have any other questions about the smartflower’s installation process, you can contact us here.

Sustainable energy conversation starter, the smartflower does that.

Sustainable energy conversation starter, the smartflower does that.

sustainable energy conversation starter smartflower

Do you have a great spot to put a smartflower?

Sustainable energy is very important for the future generations of humanity. If you know a great spot for the smartflower, one of those most beautiful conversation starters on sustainable energy, be sure to contact us here.

There are all kinds of options for sustainable energy in the world. The smartflower is not the one-all be-all product to make “sustainable energy” a trend. However, it definitely helps contribute towards the movement. Can’t tell you how many contractors approach us asking for a smartflower to compliment this structure or that structure. Probably one of the most important places to install one of these smart solar systems is at every school. Solar panels are out of sight and mind, but a smartflower is right there in front of students. It stimulates curiosity and starts that conversation on renewable energy. More important than simply having whatever renewable device is out there, is the inspiration to inspire change in the hearts and minds of individuals alive today.

sustainable energy conversation starter smartflower

Start the conversation at home, at school, and where you work.

The sun is the most abundant closest energy source in our galaxy. There was a time when aluminum was a rare substance. It wasn’t so much that it was rare but no one knew how to gather it. An upgrade in technology enabled humanity to utilize the material in abundance. It will be the same with any other resource, including the sun. However, unlike fossil fuels and a variety of other climate harming energy sources, the sun doesn’t contribute to global warming. So why not utilize it?

sustainable energy conversation starter smartflower

Using sun energy is what we’re about.

That is why we love the smartflower. It utilizes the sun for energy in a very efficient and beautiful way. We want to help everyone move forward with sustainable energy. Some people can’t utilize rooftop solar, so the smartflower makes an excellent alternative. Sustainable energy begins with you. Be the conversation starter, or let the smartflower start the conversation for you. It speaks for itself.

Elaine Tusk installed introverted artificial intelligence into the smartflower making it close when strangers approach

Elaine Tusk installed introverted artificial intelligence into the smartflower making it close when strangers approach.

elaine tusk smartflower artificial intelligience

Tusk’s artificial intelligence project has always been pushed to bring out the usefulness in our technologies.

The smartflower is really good at one thing and significantly good at another. That one thing happens to be gathering sun energy to power up your house or commercial complex. Its other surprisingly effective feature is providing shade for its owners. This is exceptionally powerful when the sun is extremely hot like during the quickly approaching summer season. While the smartflower contains many smart features to protect itself from the environment and weather, it was still missing one vital smart feature. Thanks to Tusk, that feature has now been added.

The smartflower has had an artificial intelligence installed into the unit to carry introverted characteristics. Now when strangers approach it, it will shyly close itself as to avoid any awkward conversations. The smartflower is very stylish. Awkwardness would really tarnish all its coolness points. If the stranger has a lot of charisma, the smartflower may make an exception. However, unless the person approaching the smartflower is the owner or just really cool, the smartflower will now close.

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Happy April Fools

Training Day of Certified Southern Californian smartflower Trainers in the Sun Energy Irvine headquarters

It’s Training Day in Southern California! Authorized Southern California Dealer, Sun Energy headquartered in Irvine hosts the west coast training for smartflower installers.

training day smartflower

Contractors and partners from all over the world came together to learn how to install the smartflower.

If you would like a smartflower installed near you, be sure to contact us here! Our team of professionals have had plenty of training so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

On Training Day, we got a lot of new certified Southern Californian installers. Training Day also gave the trainees a lot of opportunities to ask great questions. Do you have any of your own questions? Be sure to visit our FAQs page here because it might contain the answers you are seeking! Otherwise you can also send us an email here!.

training day smartflower

Ground installation of the smartflower.

The process involves a certified installer anchoring the smartflower into the ground by either drilling 4 screws into the ground or attaching it to a concrete pad. Then the installer will get a set of wires to connect the main electric panel (or a sub panel such as for a pool or Air Conditioner). Once the smartflower is connected, it can immediately start generating power.

training day smartflower

Exceptional leadership, learning from the best.

The main teacher of this event, while remaining anonymous, has installed the majority of smartflower units throughout Europe. He has seen all kinds of terrain, obstacles, and architectural circumstances that create interesting installation scenarios. The trainer was more than qualified to teach all the gathered Southern Californian students. Live demonstrations and mock trouble shootings are excellent ways to train others. Lectures and hands-on exercises creates excellent retention among students. The turnout resulted in lots of positive feedback.

training day smartflower

Maintenance and Repair

Damage is very rare to the smartflower. However, like any other piece of technology, it can occur. Students were shown how to replace the individual fans, motors and other varying parts of the smartflower.

training day smartflower

The smartflower petals can be replaced by sliding them off one at a time.

Some dismantling work would have to be done to get the petals off, but it is definitely doable. It is recommended that one person holds the individual petal while the other unscrews it from the base. Of course, this is not anything you should be worrying about. Our team here has been trained so you don’t have to worry about doing this yourself.

Homeshow in Anaheim Convention Center featured the first smartflower in America

Homeshow in Anaheim Convention Center featured the first smartflower in America

homeshow smartflower

The smartflower booth at the homeshow in the Anaheim Convention Center earlier in the year attracted very large crowds. Lots of amazing questions were asked. Have any of your own questions? Check out our FAQS page here as it might contain the answer you are looking for! If not, be sure to contact us here!

homeshow smartflower

A presentation is being given of the smartflower openning up.

Visitors passed by wowing and wooing as they looked at the large new form of solar. Sun Energy, the authorized Southern California dealer, took in the first batch of orders at the event. Interested parties received a big convention discount for being one of the early adopters of the device. Customers ranged from homeowners to corporate accounts and even other contractors who were looking for alternative solar solutions to offer to their customers.

homeshow smartflower

The smartflower is more than just a sustainable energy system, it is also art.

Built to last, not only is the smartflower durable but also beautiful. It makes for an amazing architectural piece that is considered as kinetic art by many. All the smartflower needs is a 16 cubed space. At night time, when the sun goes down the smartflower will close automatically to both secure and clean itself. The base comes in a variety of colors and can be custom painted for a small additional fee. Imagine painting the base to camouflage with your background foliage? Perhaps color the device pink to match some pink flowers in your yard? If you are in a desert area, you can blend the color with the body with the sands. The possibilities are endless.