Imagine Clean Energy that is Beautiful and Efficient!


Since the smartflower knows its location and time of day, it calculates and follows the sun's position utilizing dual axis tracking technology. Therefore, as the sun rises, the smartflower automatically unfolds itself and the solar petals follow the sun at a 90-degree angle, even when the sun is hidden behind clouds. This results in up to 40% more output as compared to a conventional rooftop system. In Southern California, the smartflower will deliver on average 5,800 kWh of energy per year.

Solar panels that track the sun produce more energy.

The graph below demonstrates the hourly power output benefit of the smartflower in comparison to a conventional rooftop system. Because of the sun tracking feature, the smartflower has a considerably longer peak power phase. It starts producing power earlier in the day and consistently maintains more power output until the last ray of sun.   The maximum benefit of solar energy begins at noon, when electricity costs the most. Since a conventional solar system has static alignment to the sun, it peaks at noon and then production rapidly falls off, whereas, the smartflower will continue high energy production much longer.


Each solar petal is designed with brushes behind them allowing for the removal of most debris such as leaves, dust and snow.  Since the brushes on the solar petals wipe free most debris, the solar petals are able to harvest maximum sunlight due to fewer obstructions. If additional cleaning is required the smartflower is easily accessible to spray with a water hose.

Debris free solar panels convert more sunlight to energy.

Rooftop systems will not automatically remove debris, requiring possible dangerous manual cleaning. Buildup of debris will affect the amount of sunlight that is able to get to the panels to convert the sunlight to energy.


The smartflower solar petals are designed to rotate freely allowing for excellent ventilation.  Since the solar petals freely rotate they remain cool resulting in increased output efficiency up to 10%.

Cooler solar panels increase output efficiency.

Rooftop systems are mounted to your roof. As temperatures rise throughout the day, heat builds up between the solar panel and the roof due to minimal ventilation. Since the heat is unable to dissipate, the panels get very hot, reducing the output efficiency.  Hot solar panels deliver less electricity than cool solar panels.

The smartflower is available in 8 colors

When you take technology and mix it with Art, you always come up with something innovative.

-Robert Rodriques